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more revenue.
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Grow your business faster by hiring a copywriter who uses buyer psychology, proven frameworks, and strategic storytelling to help you win trust, get leads, and maximize sales.

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I create conversion-focused copy for SaaS + DTC brands.
Robbie Richards

On time, and built to rank

It has been a pleasure working with CJ on a number of content projects. Not only was his work always well-researched and written, it was delivered on time, and built to rank. It’s rare to find a writer who can produce top quality content, and position it for both readers and search engines. I highly recommend CJ for your next project.

Robbie Richards
Co-founder, Virayo Marketing

struggling to stand out? can’t find the words?

With proven techniques in direct response copywriting and a unique brand personality, you’ll soon grab attention with an unmistakable voice that nobody can ignore. 

Kinda like Voldemort or Yoda…only less apocalyptic.

hi, call me cj

Story Strategist
Personal Growth Nerd

I help fun SaaS and ecommerce brands stand out from the pack and keep customers coming back

Communications? — Crystal-clear.
Organization? — Obsessed.
Punctual? — Always.

Conversational direct response copy that steals the show and helps you grow? You got it. You maverick bastard.

Industry-leading conversion rates

CJ has helped us establish our brand voice throughout our website and blog. With his guidance, we’ve been able to maintain industry-leading conversion rates, while expanding our website to show more sides of the brand.

Jordan Smyth
Founder, Gleamin

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email sequences

Got an email list but struggling to get conversions?

You’re missing out on sales every single day. 

You’ve got your prospects on the hook time to reel ‘em in! 

Hook people with impossible-not-to-click subject lines.

Grab attention with eyeball-gripping story-based emails.

Build trust with oh-so-relatable personality and offers.

Let’s get the gold from your list. 



web copywriting

Your website isn’t meant to be a digital ghost town.

It should be a 24/7 lead generation machine.

Wanna make a mind-altering first impression?

Unleash a value prop that hits like young Tyson.

A brand voice that makes your ideal customers gush.

And CTAs that suck leads in like a tractor beam.

Say hello to my little pen.

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cj, why should i hire you?

because i'm a...

Love working with CJ

Love working with CJ. Quick response, and adapts well to how we like to work. He effortlessly embraced our tongue-in-cheek style and made it come through in our brand voice. 12 thumbs up for CJ if you want great copywriting.

Mike Faith
Founder and CEO, Leitner Headsets

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so, what's it gonna be?

the red pill
the blue pill

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Unlock your customers’ secrets. No more guesswork — we’ll unearth gems and pinpoint what your ideal customers want, need, dream, and cry about.

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Stand out in a crowded market. I’ll bring clarity and creativity together to give you a memorable, relatable brand voice unlike anyone else.

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Crack the code on limitless sales growth. Build trust and loyalty with positioning + personality that makes people follow you like lovestruck lemmings.

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Skip the golden rabbit hole. Rush your copy and miss out on the targeted voice of customer research you need to attract leads, sales, and loyal followers.

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Stand in line with the clones. Spew a lukewarm rehash of your competitor’s copy, then fade into “the dusty desert of nobody gives a damn.”

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Cringe over lost sales every day. But it’s not all bad — your dull brand personality and fumbling copy might get awards for the highest bounce rates ever.

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Discover the gritty yet empowering truth about your customers, what matters to them, and how to speak directly to their needs in a relatable, conversational way.

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Free your brand with a copywriting chameleon who can harness innovative copy from outside the box, so you’re unlike anyone else in your niche.

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Unlock sales growth with a voice that makes people follow you like hopeless lemmings. A voice people can’t resist—just like Morpheus.

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