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"He really cares"

As well as being efficient with his projects, CJ takes the time to understand the brand, the product offerings and who exactly you are trying to speak to. He really cares.
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Jordan Smyth
Founder and CEO, Gleamin
our hero

Gleamin is an all-natural skincare startup that empowers people with ethically-sourced, sustainable products.

the challenge
Rapid growth on the Shopify ecommerce platform and social media had brought Gleamin a lot of business – but also a lot of attention to wishy-washy content that lacked focus and personality. People weren’t sure about the brand, and sales opportunities were slipping through the net. With the amazing design agency, Huemor, improving the website design, Gleamin also needed standout copywriting.
Gleamin website
the goal

Cultivate an inspiring, fun brand identity for Gleamin, turning them into the smart, cool, supportive friend everyone with a skincare issue needs.

With a millennial and Gen-Z target audience, Gleamin didn’t want to bore people with skin science and OTT environmentalism. The Huemor team called yours truly to craft a voice that would inspire followers with Gleamin’s focus on sustainability and social good, and also deliver the right balance of quirky, punchy messaging to make people feel like they can chill out.

the result

“Industry-leading conversion rates”

CJ has helped us establish our brand voice throughout our website and blog. With his guidance, we’ve been able to maintain industry-leading conversion rates, while expanding our website to show more sides of the brand.

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i'm a-lookin' and i'm a-likin'

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