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"The website is now the #1 source of new business opportunities"

Feedback from client at the end of Q1 2021
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Extensis is a leading PEO & HRO that provides HR, Payroll, Benefits, & Compliance services to small businesses and large enterprises.

the challenge

The old Extensis website was unfocused and laden with stuffy copy, which generated almost zero leads. The company partnered with leading NYC web design agency, Huemor, to get a full rebrand—but they had a tight deadline. With just over a month left on the clock, the folks at Huemor needed a copywriter who could deliver primo-quality website copy in a short timeframe. Luckily, they knew a guy…

the goal

Create a relatable brand voice for Extensis, presenting the company as a trusted professional and approachable HR partner who puts the people first. 

The fuzzy focus and stiff copy of the old site did nothing to inspire people. The new copy needed to be crystal clear, so people understood precisely what Extensis is all about. Better yet, it had to persuade people to take action. Ultimately, when a company owner visits the new site, they should be left in no doubt that Extensis is the ideal HR partner to help them become great employers.

the result

Increased qualified leads by 80%

The new website went live in December 2020. By Q1 2021, the impact was undeniable. Average session duration increased, and bounce rates plummeted. Best of all, qualified leads skyrocketed by 80%.

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