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“My inbox is already full of junk. I’ve got a bajillion newsletters that I never read. I just can’t keep up!”

I know the feeling.

Every freelance copywriter wants financial freedom, but getting there is damn hard.

You know why?

Because there’s TOO MUCH information.

  • Too many gurus.
  • Too many courses.
  • Too many carousels.
  • Too many posts to save.
  • Too many AI tools to master. 

It's overwhelming.

You can’t focus.

You flip-flop.

You procrastinate.

You get shiny object syndrome.

And then, you do nothing.

You feel so stuck.

You wonder if you’re ever gonna make it.

Or if you’ll always be running on the hamster wheel.

And with AI on the rise, it’s getting harder to break through.

Soon, only the most strategic copywriters will stand out.

Only the most focused will grow fast.

Only the most skilled will land huge retainer clients.

And eventually…

Only the best will launch successful digital products to achieve financial freedom and make their dream lifestyle possible.

Good news - I've done the hard yards for you.

Today, I send 5-figure invoices every month.

Giants like IBM, Hotjar, and Aura pay for my writing.

Every month, I get referrals to other fast-growing startups and tech giants.

But before I cracked the code, I spent long time feeling lost and clueless about copywriting.

I didn’t know how to write great copy, let alone scale a business.

I was constantly in the feast-or-famine cycle.

And thought about quitting for the 9-to-5 almost every week.

It took me over two years to hit my first $10K month…

And almost four years to make that a regular thing.

It would have been MUCH EASIER to get there a LOT sooner if I had a clear path.

A simple roadmap.

An actionable guide for copywriting career growth.

Clear directions on how to level-up fast from one trusted, battle-tested source.

And that’s why I finally started a newsletter.

Because I know how I can help struggling or new copywriters (where other newsletters fall short).

Now, I want to help you cut through the noise and make real advances in your skills and career.

You’ll get access to all the hard lessons I’ve learned on the road to making over $500,000 writing online.

Also, you’ll get behind the scenes to see my processes, tools, and templates.

Plus, you’ll discover the wildest stories and no-holds barred side of my dark and surreal humor.

But fear not, there’s no fluffy emails coming.

There’s method to the madness.

With every email, I want to push you toward your goals.

In every email, my mission is to help you take one meaningful step closer to hitting your goals in your copywriting business.

For many, it’s about landing their first big client.
For others, it’s about hitting $10K a month. 
For some, it’s about creating a new offer.

Every week, you’ll get straight-talking truth and clear guidance.

Every week is focused on a specific idea.

Every week has a purpose.

And I won’t waste your time like other newsletters do:

  • No massive ads at the start.
  • No lazy rehashes of my social media posts.
  • No overwhelming dumps of 17+ links in every email.

You don’t have time for any of that noise.

So, I’ll give you what you actually need:

A zero-BS blueprint to make freedom money, faster.

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